Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot methods of teeth whitening

Hot methods of teeth whitening
Nowadays, an increasing number of Americans are showing a compulsive concern of having a whiter set of teeth. Thus the system of making teeth whiter and look good has become more and more popular. This is goading a number of different bleaching formulas and teeth whitening kits every day in the market, with different advertisements for dental offices that are claiming to offer professional services for whiter and brighter teeth in less then 2 hours.
One hot method of teeth whitening is the use of in-office bleaching or chair-side bleaching. Different methods of teeth whHot methods of teeth whiteningitening are applied by the dentist that depends on the type of stains and other physical conditions of the teeth. This method of teeth whitening requires two or more visit to the dentist and each visit lasts for thirty minutes to one hour. During the bleaching process, the dentist applies a protective gel to the lips and a rubber shields to the gum to protect the oral soft tissues from the bleaching agents that are to be applied to whiten the teeth. Sometimes Lasers or additional heat is used to enhance the action of the agent. The effects of method of teeth whitening are long lasting.
Home bleaching is another popular method of teeth whitening. There are many teeth whitening kits available for use at home, which can either be dispensed by the dentist or purchased over-the-counter. The teeth whitening kit contains a hydrogen peroxide based bleaching gel or solution that is to be applied to the tooth enamel together with a mouth guard. The lasting effect method of teeth whitening varies with the frequency of use and the duration of treatment.
Whitening toothpastes are a wonderful method to teeth whitening that works in a different way from bleaching techniques. They usually contain polishing agents and not ingredients to permanently alter the teeth color. Dentists should be consulted before using any of these products.
All the methods actually work well when followed with a proper guideline but one should decide which the best tooth whitening system is for him and it depends on their lifestyle and financial status.

Shyamolima Mutsuddi

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